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Thursday, August 29, 2013



Hello Everyone.I am Nissan.Hope everyone is well....Today I am going to share something special.Does anyone know what it could be??Haha,You are right..Today i will share some software which can be use for play android games on pc for free.Most of us things that, we need an android phone for playing those apps..Yes everyone is right but in this day this restriction has broken a part.There are thousand of software developer in the world and they are not sitting idle ..They  have created some software and now we can use them for our need and today i am posting about these software which can be used for playing all kinds of android apps on pc/laptop.. 

I am giving two of two this software.This are the best for playing android apps on pc now on..

The first, and oldest, is the official Android emulator; there's also , which has been around for a while.This software is really good to use.You open lot of apps in the same time..Its about 10 mb and also need to download runtime which maybe 103mb.It's really good for playing android apps
Here is an screenshot
Download Bluestacks now.

2                              .
Today another contender emerges -- Windows Android, from Chinese startup SocketeQ. Unlike the emulator, it runs Android natively on your Windows PC, and unlike Bluestacks it brings to life the full Android OS, not just individual apps. Essentially, it's full-blown open-source Android running natively, in a window, on Microsoft's desktop OS.This is another software which is called The WindowsAndroid installer .The WindowsAndroid installer weighs in at 64MB, and takes up 300MB when fully installed.

DOWNLOAD Windows Android now..

Hope this helps everyone ..Enjoy all the latest apps on your pc now ...If you need android games you can get them from this

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GOOD LUCK And enjoy....